Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Welcome to Northbridge Neighbour Day

Hi All,

Thanks for volunteering to help get the Neighbour Day(ND) message out to your street and community. 

As most of you know we believe that a safer community involves getting to know your neighbours and working on a personal, street by street level. We would like to see all the streets in Northbridge involved and so spread the word to your friends in other streets.

The process is still being tweaked but what you can do now is start talking to your neighbours and pick a date between now and the 29th March (the official day) to have a get together. This could be an informal, cuppa on the lawn, BBQ, Christmas drinks, Australia day picnic or combine it with any other street gathering.

My street has a Christmas party in early December so I will have that as my ND event too.

Once you have decided on a date then:

  • Register on these two sites:
  • Decide on a Neighbourly deed
    • Verge street planting- create a street vegetable patch. 
    • Garden for an elderly resident in your street or area. 
    • Create a walking bus with your neighbours to get your children safely to school. 
    • Stroll patrol. Take regular walks around Northbridge and keep an eye out for graffiti or anything else which may detract from the suburb. 
    • Northbridge promenade. Download our historical site map and head off for a walk past places of interest ending up at the gelato bar at one of our pizza restaurants, 
    • Raise money for a charity at your gathering or collect and donate some clothes to a charity. 
    • Volunteer with a local bush care group for the day, babysit for a tired parent. 
    • Safe street project such as working on the roundabout at Woonoona …. 
We will be working with relationships Australia to get the word out to the council and newspapers so, hopefully, the momentum will build.

Thanks again, any questions or feedback welcome.

Janet France